Sunday, April 7, 2019

Sailing Lesson on Lake Travis

Earlier this year, my boyfriend and I took a sailing lesson on Lake Travis. He knows how to sail and didn't really need a lesson, but it was a great way to get out on the water and introduce me to the basics. It was one of the first sunny days of the year and, because our lesson coincided with a major sporting event, there was hardly anyone on the water. It was bliss.

We enjoyed it. I wish we could do something like this on a regular basis.  If only hobbies like this one weren't so expensive (this is the sort of thing that makes me rue the loss of my big law salary)!

The first year of "life after law firm" has kept on even keel. The big win has been establishing a regular exercise routine, catching up on sleep and generally improving my health. I've also spent time optimizing and automating my finances. I find that I sorely miss the intellectual challenge of law firm work. Case in point: a few weeks ago I found myself contemplating a tax LLM out of boredom. The big disappointment has been that I haven't taken a vacation. Because of the government's unpaid parental leave policy, I'm hoarding PTO, sick leave and comp time.

Still, I'm grateful for the ability to ditch my work email to take a sailing lesson in peace.

Next on our list of outdoorsy to dos: camping.

I'm going to try a regular blogging schedule--posting each Sunday--with the hopes of reconnecting with other bloggers, increasing the time I spend writing on non-legal topics each week, and pushing myself to do more on weekends that take care of chores.

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