Typically, I would create a list of 43 goals for this year. However, since I’ve fallen behind on goal completion in prior years as a result of the pandemic, moving houses and firm life, I’ve decided this will be a catchup year for the most part. I also want to start shifting this list from a list of goals to a list of experiences I'd like to have in a given year. For the last two years, I've felt like I've been chained to my desk and spending all my time working. It's time to live a little. Here is my 2024 list, in no particular order:

  1. Take an international trip (Germany)
  2. Read three novels just for fun
  3. Try six new vegetarian recipes
  4. 25 long walks
  5. 12 new dessert recipes
  6. Handle property tax protest myself
  7. Finish niece's Christmas stocking
  8. Get a pedicure
  9. Take another international trip
  10. Visit M in Colorado
  11. Visit California
  12. Train pup to get comfy in the travel bag
  13. [Sell the house]
  14. 600th cycling classes
  15. 700th stretching class
  16. 700th strength class
  17. 25th yoga classes
  18. 36th yoga classes
  19. 48th yoga classes
  20. Day at Miraval
  21. Skin treatment
  22. 12 dance classes
  23. 12 special pup outings
  24. Reconnect with friends
  25. Shop insurance
  26. Create morning workout habit
  27. Family planning
  28. 12 new main course recipes
  29. 12 ice cream recipes
  30. Make R, C, C and M's birthday cakes
  31. Sunday dinners for M's parents
  32. Create tutoring modules or similar
  33. Financial strategy
  34. Franchise
  35. Invite X to do something fun
  36. Address my crappy wardrobe
  37. Celebrate M’s retirement
  38. Celebrate R’s retirement
  39. Decorate for Christmas
  40. Make tree topper
  41. [Colorado law license]
  42. Change social media usage
  43. Improve rhythm around chore completion

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