Wednesday, May 11, 2016

EAP Reimbursement for Massage Therapy

I've always thought of the firm's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) as something I'd use only in the event of a crisis. Until one of the assistants in the office mentioned to me that our EAP reimburses $45 for 30 minute massages (up to six massages per year).

I wanted to share this with you asap, especially since I'd guess that a lot of associates, who spend their days huddled over a keyboard, are already paying for massages. While the benefit amounts to just $270 a year, there's not much paperwork involved. That $270 could be used to make an extra student loan payment, save for a downpayment on a house, pay for a couple nice dinners or any number of things.

Here's how our EAP administers this benefit:

1. Call the EAP's 800 number and request authorization for massage services (no referral or physician recommendation required);

2. Wait for authorization letter to arrive via USPS;

3. Get your massage;

4. Submit your proof of payment along with your authorization letter and some additional details to the address specified in your authorization letter; and

5. Cash your reimbursement check.

This discovery inspired me to set time aside to review our benefits in detail and I've found other hidden gems--like a four figure reimbursement upon the purchase of a hybrid vehicle!!!