Monday, November 9, 2015

The First Carrot

Gardening in Central Texas is going to take some trial and error. Between the 100+ summer temperatures and the intermittent floods, my fall/winter vegetables are struggling. I seeded some carrots mid-July--Scarlet Nantes, a variety that should take 65-70 days to mature. Figuring my carrot patch needed some extra time after the extreme weather, I waited to check on progress until this weekend. Here is the most robust specimen:

Scarlet Nantes

This variety is supposed to be 6-8 inches long! I'll give this little guy credit for tasting great, but it was two bites at most.

Patience is in order.

Speaking of which...

Here's a look at the backyard at 9am a couple of Fridays ago. It got worse before it got better and there were some nervous moments as the water crept up the threshold. Since then, my builder has graciously installed a french drain system. Now it's time to wait for the next big downpour to make sure the new system can keep up with the flow of water from three neighbors and my roof, all of which dumps into my tiny backyard.

Outside of the garden, life is good. I'm ready to return to the blog because, after a year without it, I've realized that writing here forces me to set and accomplish goals throughout the year. Otherwise, it's easy to let months at a time slip through my fingers without accomplishing much other than financial goals (my finances are nearly automated at this point, so I'm not sure that should count as an accomplishment)!