Sunday, April 21, 2019

Peloton: 150 Rides In

In January, I wrote about completing my first 100 rides or cycling class on the Peloton I purchased in August 2018. Last weekend, I finished my 150th ride. This is a milestone I wanted to reach during Q1 2019. I'm a little behind schedule.

Generally, rides 101-150 were shorter and less intense than the first 100. I've included some data points below:

Rides 1-100
  • Average length: 45 minutes
  • Average output: 332 watts
  • Average distance: 13.15 miles
  • Average calories burned: 426 kcals
Rides 101-150
  • Average length: 38 minutes
  • Average output: 259 watts
  • Average distance: 10.71 miles
  • Average calories burned: 331 kcals

What happened? I felt blue in January and February. It was also the case that at the beginning of the year I finished a "collection" of 45 minutes classes and started two collections of 30 minute classes. This explains the drag on my numbers in part, but I was also bringing less intensity to each ride.

This isn't the end of the world. A workout doesn't need to be perfect to be worth doing. Still, I hope to crank it up over the course over the next 50 rides before I check back in.

The big win here is that I'm still exercising consistently and I've added regular stretching to the routine (more on stretching in a later post). Since my Peloton was delivered in August 2018, I've cycled 1,836 miles over 6,350 minutes.

I'm hoping to complete 350 rides by the end of the year. Onward!

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