Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Peloton: 100 Rides In

Back in September, I wrote a disorganized post about working out more regularly post-law firm life. In short, I bought a Peloton that was delivered on August 4th and was riding a wave of beta endorphins of the likes of which I had not experienced in years. I was stoked to be well enough to hop on the Peloton for a 45-minute class, surprised to see improvement from week to week, and grateful for how wonderful it all made me feel on and off the bike.

A few months later, I'm still amped. Just before Christmas, I finished my 100th Peloton cycling class, which amounted to an aggregate 1,314.52 miles cycled over 4,506 minutes since my bike was delivered. This is a triumph considering my 2018 fitness goal was to work out 50 times (and, let's be real, it sure felt like a stretch goal at the time).

My fitness goals for 2019 including finishing my 350th cycling class by the end of the year and adding yoga and strength workouts (which are included in the Peloton subscription). Onward!

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