Saturday, July 28, 2018

Bucilla Christmas Ornament (Airplane Santa)

I just finished making this Christmas ornament, most of the materials for which were included in the kit for the Airplane Santa Bucilla Christmas stocking that I made last winter. Finishing small craft projects like this one gives me a sense of control and progress, feelings that can be hard to come by in other areas of life. The sequins seem a bit cheesy, but I bet I'll like the way they sparkle under the lights on the Christmas tree.

As with the Christmas stocking, the instructions for this ornament call for tagboard to be inserted in the wings and tail fins of the plane to provide structure and dimension. Due to the small size of the ornament, I found that old business cards served perfectly.

Here's a look at the matching stocking:

Bucilla has plenty of cute stocking designs, but I'm partial to this one!

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