Sunday, March 17, 2013

Out and About

It was a nice weekend here in Tokyo.  I kicked things off by meeting up with a high school friend who was in town on business.  I hadn't seen him since high school, but the great thing about childhood friends is the ability to pick up right where you left off.  We had soba for dinner and met up with another of his friends at a club in Shibuya, where, much to my amusement, we discovered this hair station for ladies right next to the main dance floor:

Hair touch-ups at the club!

Not pictured, the bank of coin lockers that seem to be a staple in clubs around here.  (Necessary when you go directly from the office to the club.)  We danced the night away (in suits!) and everyone made it home in one piece.  Success.

After sleeping in on Saturday I headed to the office by way of a quick shopping stop at Daimaru, a major department store.  There is a Tokyu Hands inside and I popped in for some cheap essentials, including shoe glue--my shoes are taking a beating thanks to all the walking I do here.  Once at the office, I settled in and finished up a few pro bono projects that have been sitting on my desk for too long.  I left the office at about 11pm.

This morning, I had brunch with some of my co-workers at Lauderdale in Roppongi Hills where I had a delicious mushroom and cheese souffle.  Now I'm finishing up laundry, getting organized for work tomorrow and baking some brownies.  It's been a good weekend.

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CP said...

Yay! That all sounds so fun...well, the dancing part not the working until 11pm part :)