Sunday, March 10, 2013

Grocery Shopping Part I: Meat and Fish

When outside the US, I love to visit grocery stores to see what's different from back home.  Here are a few pictures from a recent grocery run to one of the more westernized grocery stores in my neighborhood:

I wonder what you use the fish head for... soup?

I've also seen octupus cut up in little to-go containers.

These squid don't compare to the super-sized squid
that were in the stores during the New Year holidays.

More fat than beef.


TP said...

Speaking of food, was just watching this last night:

and contemplating making a trip to Japan just for the purpose of eating there. Yes, dinner starts at 30,000 yen, cash only, and you have to get a reservation at least a month in advance (there are only a dozen seats) but the food looks amazing.

Paragon2Pieces said...

Yes! I watched it on the flight over and pass by the restaurant often. It's a magic place!

Unknown said...

That is so intriguing!!

I had a boyfriend who loved sushi in college and would eat baby octopus. Supposedly they're delicious.