Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy Trails

My last couple of weekends have been all about quality time with the family.  I just got back from Palm Springs and spent the previous Saturday on a six-mile hike in Crystal Cove State Park where I was treated to views like this one:

Hello, Pacific Ocean!
I know it's the first day of fall, but that's hard to believe given that I spent my last two weekends in 100+ heat.  The stupidity of a six mile hike on a 100+ day is not lost on me, but it's one of my favorite OC trails.  I've been wanting to spend a day at Crystal Cove since I moved back to California, so I was determined to get out there before I'm (probably) exported to Japan.

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CP said...

Almost near my neck of the woods. But up here, it is DEFINITELY not 100 degrees. :)