Saturday, September 15, 2012


Do I have them?  Do I need them?  Is there some point where, even in this economy, you stop being thankful for a particular job?  If I have to leave the country, my family, my friends, and little C&B behind for a year, is that too much?  If my answer is no, where do I draw the line?  This is what's been keeping me up late at night this week.


E. McPan said...

As someone who's been unemployed several times as a lawyer, I still have to say there's something to be said about having a job you love, or at least don't hate. If you loved what you were doing so much, I don't think you'd have these hesitations about moving.

Obviously, there are other factors as well, like if you were supporting a family or something and really could not quit, but if it's just the mere fact of being employed that's keeping you there, I would at least start looking. The looking might take a long time anyway and in the meantime you might discover that you really do or don't like the work you're doing.

CP said...

It's tough! This is such an interesting topic. I've made drastic changes in the past year, sacrificing an Attorney job to be a Paralegal in order to spend more time with my fam. Turns out, I need a job that I love in order to justify being away from them all day. So I'm jumping back into an Attorney job.

Hope you find your answers and get some sleep :)

Metal said...

I went through all these same emotions 6 years ago when I left India..and I know its tough. But you just need to follow your instinct. Now go get some sleep!