34 goals, some big some small, for 2015:
  1. Run the boardwalk
  2. Pass the Texas bar exam
  3. Buy window coverings for exterior windows on the first level of the house
  4. Host family in Austin
  5. Seal the cedar fence
  6. Visit the Mt. Bonnell viewing platform
  7. Grow a tomato
  8. Move current master furniture to one of the guest rooms
  9. Broaden my social circle
  10. Grow a melon
  11. Update budget to reflect home ownership
  12. Max out 401(k)
  13. Install drainage system in the backyard
  14. Grow some carrots
  15. Get a tan
  16. Furnish the master bedroom
  17. Save for a new car (hope I won't have to buy one this year, but just in case...)
  18. Visit family in Dallas
  19. Go to Ballet Austin's Nutcracker
  20. Find a full-length mirror for the master bedroom
  21. Buy a tree skirt
  22. Grow some butternut squash
  23. Volunteer at legal aid clinics
  24. Finish f*ve whole years of big law practice
  25. Install drapes in the master bedroom
  26. Seal grout throughout the house
  27. Trim the 100+ year old oak trees in the yard
  28. Visit Milk + Honey
  29. Meet net worth goal
  30. Grow broccoli
  31. Visit family in California
  32. Hire an inspector for a second look before the end of my home warranty period
  33. Reduce student loan balance to $12,000
  34. Spend Christmas with my family

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