I turned 31 at the end of 2011. The following is a list of 31 short-term goals that I would like to accomplish during my 31st year. When I complete a goal, I will link the list item to the related blog post and cross the item off of the following list.
  1. Dance in Student Showcase
  2. Go to a game at the Staples Center
  3. Update my resume
  4. Join a committee at work
  5. Compete at Emerald Ball
  6. Place 1st in all five International Latin Newcomer Events
  7. Visit with L
  8. See Yulia and Riccardo dance in person
  9. Donate to Stanford
  10. Bring in a client
  11. Try Pilates reformer classes
  12. Join a gym
  13. Try a spin class
  14. Learn more about practicing "in house"
  15. Revise/revisit my annual budget
  16. Try a new dessert recipe
  17. Hike the trail at Crystal Cove
  18. Pay off a student loan in full
  19. Place in top 3 in bronze scholarship (Latin)
  20. Work in Asia
  21. Clean out my closet
  22. Enroll in Japanese class in Tokyo
  23. Save $17k for retirement
  24. Take a weekend trip to Kyoto
  25. Pay off $24k in debt
  26. Progress to the next salary level at the end of the year
  27. Place my latin ballroom costume with a rental company
  28. Pay off a second student loan
  29. Pay off a third student loan
  30. Pay off a fourth student loan
  31. Make some new friends

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Marian said...

Hi, Paragon! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog ballroompersonalgrowthhealing.com. So glad you decided to sample Ballroon; I absolutely love it - am a hopeless addict. I've already coded (a qualitative research term) the data you donated on my site. I hope your eventual law practice is a huge success and that life brings you prosperity, peace and joy.

Marian Condon (mcondon@ycp.edu)