Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Spark Joy!

tl;dr: I use a lot of dry shampoo.

In my 20s, I loved to buy makeup and personal care products. I amassed a treasure trove of the stuff, much of which went unused. In my 30s, when I returned to my storage unit in Pasadena after two years in Japan, I was horrified by the excess of it all.

The firm had sent me to Tokyo with just two suitcases. To my complete surprise, this was enough stuff to sustain me for two years. During that time, I had learned to appreciate that less stuff often results in less stress. My affection for minimalism has hung around (recently bolstered by the new Marie Kondo show on Netflix) even as my memories of Tokyo fade into the past.

Towards the end of 2018, I started wondering which personal products I use the most. If I could figure this out, I could stave off the desire to purchase products I don't use, further pare down the stash under my sink, and justify buying nicer versions of those products that I actually use (or, as Kondo-san would say, those products that spark joy). To track this, I created an album in my iPhone and snapped a photo of emptied personal product containers before disposing them.

The results were rather boring, so I've limited this post to photos of 10 products:


  1. I don't go through as much skincare as I'd thought. 
  2. Most of my consumption relates to haircare (chiefly dry shampoo).
  1. My consumption of dry shampoo has decreased since I've left the firm. (Guys, there were so many times I was just too darn exhausted to wash my hair.)
I try to buy a different brand of dry shampoo every time I visit the store, but I still don't have a clear favorite. Which brand do you recommend? Does it spark joy!?!

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