Wednesday, May 16, 2018

On the Condition of my Car, >2 Months After the Accident

I'm checking in to close the loop on my last post regarding the condition of my car after two attempted repairs by Service King over the course of more than a month.

Due to the long list of still-not-repaired damage to my vehicle after two visits to Service King, I spent hours on the phone with Allstate to get them to agree that the remainder of my service would be completed at a different Service King location.

Upon delivery of my vehicle to the new location for Service King's third attempt to repair my vehicle, I brought with me a written list of the still-not-repaired damage and reviewed it in detail with the manager. The key issue being that the front passenger door, when closed, would not seal because the door of the vehicle had been bent out of shape while the vehicle was in Service Kings custody.

After a week, the new location called me to notify me that my vehicle was ready. When I arrived to take delivery of my vehicle, the front passenger door was still not repaired. I advised that I would not leave the shop until this issue was resolved. They reacted quickly to this feedback and resolved the issue in about 15 minutes while I took client calls in their customer waiting area. (As always seems to be the case, this errand coincided with a particularly busy day at work.)

Driving away from the body shop, two remaining issues were immediately evident:

  1. Loud rattle while vehicle was in motion had not been resolved.
  2. Blind spot monitoring system was no longer functioning (dashboard indicated a complete system failure). This was a new issue. We would later learn that the reason for this failure was a poorly executed, incomplete repair completed at the first Service King location.
So, I was once again on the phone with Allstate and Service King advocating for the complete repair of my vehicle. Ultimately, I demanded an opportunity to take the vehicle to a different body shop recommended by my vehicle's manufacturer. Representatives from Allstate and Service King met me at the new body shop to review the still-not-repaired damages (presumably, in case I was making all of this up). They agreed that there were unresolved issues and the new body shop took custody of my vehicle.

Within a week, the new body shop had coordinated with my vehicle's manufacturer for repair of the blind spot monitoring system and independently resolved the rattle. 

After four visits to the body shop over the course of more than two months, repair of my vehicle is finally complete!


BearikaBallerina said...

Holy crap, girl! That is just ridiculous that it has gone on this long. I'm glad it's finally fixed. I really feel for you. The first shop should have fixed it. I mean, it's their job. What a bunch of crap. I am so glad you have your car back now and that it's fixed.

Brittany said...

OMG What a pain!! I'm glad it's all fixed.