Friday, March 2, 2018

On Getting Rear-ended on I-35

Somehow, my life has become a series of posts about frightening accidents.

Last night, I was at a complete stop in construction traffic on I-35 listening to Originals by Adam Grant. There was a big white truck behind me, also at a complete stop. With no warning (i.e., no squealing break sounds), the big white truck hit me hard. It turns out a little red car has slammed into him at full highway speed.

Here is a picture of that little red car:

Despite the scary condition of her car, the driver of the little red car walked away. The big white truck was also totaled--bent axle, four flat tires and crumpled front and rear (and that's just the damage that we could see). My car, which is unfortunately a brand new car, also has a lot of damage. The rear and back corner panels, wheel wells, tail lights, and sensors all need to be replaced. Other electronics on the interior of the car aren't working properly.

I seem to be okay, but I'm concerned because I had a concussion just three weeks ago, when a SUV hit me from behind while I was crossing the street next to my office. Doesn't seem great to follow up a concussion with a car accident.

I am angry and frustrated with the driver who caused the accident. When I jumped out of my car, assuming she would be badly hurt, I found her with her cell phone in hand. She was probably texting.

Hope my luck turns around soon.


BearikaBallerina said...

I'm glad you're okay! I hope your luck turns around now.

Anonymous said...

This is turning out to be a hit month for you,please take care & follow up with the doctor in case you feel wonky.
Been reading since you were doing your MBA & i was in 12th standard here in india,never commented,,but you are a huge part of my learnings & of how one should shape up professional life...and these back to back hits made me post !! Take care

KW said...

So sorry that this happened to you. Hope things improve for you!