Monday, February 5, 2018

Egg Freezing: Transfer to Long-Term Storage

Just in time for the holidays, I received an invoice from my doctor's office: $1,000 to cyropreserve my eggs for the next year! I tweeted my surprise and immediately received a helpful reply pointing me towards another facility in town.

Transferring my eggs from my reproductive endocrinologist's short-term storage to long-term storage at the recommended facility saved me $830. (It turns out the recommended facility offers a promotional price to patients transferring materials out of my doctor's office.)

To effect the transfer, I completed and submitted paperwork to both facilities. The paperwork included a notarized statement regarding my intentions for the use (or non-use) of my eggs for procreation after my death and granting ownership of my stored eggs to a designee. Wills and trusts professors, I can't even begin to imagine the exam questions you could dream up on these facts.

A couple weeks later, I received a letter from the recommended facility confirming receipt of my eggs, stating that they'll charge me $45 each time I remove containers from their facility, and noting the number of containers and eggs per container that they have stored under my name. Here's hoping they're safe and well-labeled.

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