Wednesday, January 17, 2018

2018 Goals

Since 2011, I've been setting a long and varied list of goals each year. You can find the lists in the tabs in the header of this blog. Creating and posting these lists was a helpful accountability tool. Many a milestone was met! Until 2017.

Last year, I was in a work arrangement that required a lot of travel. Spending so much time away from home zapped my energy. I was in survival mode. I completely neglected my goals.

This year, I'm hoping to resume my usual productivity. My 2018 goals, as of today's date, are listed below. I try to choose clearly defined and actionable goals. If I come up with some bigger and better ideas (and I hope I do--this list looks mundane), I'll modify the list under the "2018" tab above.

Finally, while not listed here, a move to another state is a possibility in 2018. There is so much to research, plan and potentially execute related to this that my head is swimming!

  1. Pass the CIPP certification test
  2. Write a work related article
  3. Prepare and give a training presentation
  4. Reach out to the partners in the firm that are doing venture work
  5. Get PLI CLE lectures on my phone to listen to in the car during the commute
  6. Improve timekeeping
  7. Prepare for in house job
  8. 50 hours of pro bono
  9. Solve the commute problem
  10. Work at initiating plans with friends and family
  11. Plan a vacation to celebrate M's graduation
  12. Plan a trip to visit hometown friends
  13. Visit family in California
  14. Add some strength training to exercise routine
  15. Attend 12 yoga classes
  16. Visit the gym 50 times
  17. Transfer eggs to long term storage
  18. Take multi-vitamins
  19. Lose 8lbs
  20. Incorporate Retin-A and sunscreen in my daily routine
  21. Write 50 blog posts
  22. Read 12 books
  23. Try 12 new main dish recipes
  24. Try 6 new dessert or bread recipes
  25. Get the Cooking for Two cookbook bound
  26. Sell three Christmas stockings on Etsy
  27. Make my Christmas stocking
  28. Make the bonus ornament that matches M's Christmas stocking
  29. Max out annual 401(k) contribution
  30. Roll over my old 401(k)
  31. Improve investment allocation
  32. Find a new side hustle to pay down car loan
  33. Hit net worth goal
  34. Repaint garage
  35. Repaint upstairs utility closet
  36. Project 10 Pan
  37. Deep clean one zone of the house each month

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