Friday, January 27, 2017

0% Financing

When I bought my house, I moved my hand-me-down queen mattress to a guest room and bought a king mattress. The mattress was a little pricey, but it is out of this world--the fluffy cloud I dreamt of while sleeping on a hard-as-a-rock mattress in my furnished apartment in Tokyo. I've never slept better than I'm sleeping now.

I bought the mattress from Mattress Firm, which has become ubiquitous in Austin. For every coffee shop and yoga studio, there seems to be a Mattress Firm. Mattress Firm offers 0% financing. Although I could afford to pay for the mattress in cash, the b-school side of my brain realized that taking them up on their 0% financing offer resulted in a discount (time value of money, y'all). So I financed the mattress.

What I did not consider is that after having law school student debt hanging over my head for a number of years, my tolerance for debt was almost nil. Today, as part of my 2017 goals, I paid off the remaining balance of the Mattress Firm line of credit ahead of schedule. I now have no debt obligations other than my mortgage and I hope to keep it that way for the foreseeable future.

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