Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The First Cantaloupe

During my first year in Austin, I wanted to take a deep breath, navel gaze a little less, and adjust. This is why you haven't heard much from me in this space. I was a little surprised to realize that my first year is nearly up--it will be time soon for setting goals and making plans.

Until then, here are some pictures from the cantaloupe vine I've been growing in my backyard. This is the Super 45 Cantaloupe hybrid from Bonnie Plants. I transplanted the seedling in May. The first male flower appeared 14 weeks ago, the vine set its first fruit 5 weeks ago and the melon ripened last Friday. It's been a long wait!

This variety is resistant to powdery mildew and doesn't seem to mind the hot Texas summer. It has greedily taken over three separate trellises. All that space for just one melon! While plenty of other fruits have attempted to set over the past month or so, none have progressed (one theory: I don't have many pollinators visiting my backyard). Now that this first melon is off the vine it will be interesting to see whether another takes its place.


RJ said...

I found my capsicum (BellPepper) plant didn't fertilise either - until I used the pinky finger method - a q tip would work too - of manually cross pollinating - got a few good capsicums after that.

Unknown said...

Wow! Cool!

Paragon2Pieces said...

@RJ that's a good tip. i have been hand pollinating my butternut squash using a small paint brush and that has helped. also growing some flowers to try to attract pollinators to the garden. (i can't get my bell pepper plant to produce a flower--good for you!)