Sunday, August 31, 2014

Farewell Sushi

Last week, I had some fantastic sushi at a farewell dinner. Pieces were served one by one, each perfectly seasoned. (I'm not sure if you can tell from the photo, but there is already some soy sauce in the rice in this piece.)

At one point (vegetarian readers, please avert your eyes) they emerged from the kitchen with a fish that was still flopping around on the plate. When the fish died, it's skin quickly changed color from dark gray to nearly white. The fish was flayed and we each had a beautiful piece of sushi on our plates in a matter of minutes.

This next picture shows the dining area. All of the food was prepared right in front of us. As you can imagine, the chef's knife skills were incredible. 

And the sake.... With each sake they brought out a tray with a selection of little cups made of different materials to choose from. They say the taste of the sake varies according to the vessel.

I love the American version of sushi, but I loved this too and know that this meal will never be topped. It was the perfect way to say goodbye!

For the restaurant's details, see this link.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on being done (almost?) with your secondment!

Paragon2Pieces said...

Thank you! There are lots of mixed feelings about how this chapter has gone, but I'm really looking forward to what's next.