Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Home Leave (Part 2)

One of the best parts of home leave so far has been reuniting with my dogs. I've missed them terribly. Can you believe this little one will be 10 years old in August?

This was right after ~15 hours of waiting to board, flying, clearing customs and locating lost luggage. Little C seemed a stunned to see me at first (as in no tail wagging or barking, just standing completely frozen and staring... it was a bit of a let down to be honest). Since then, she's been like a little shadow, following me everywhere I go and begging to play or be picked up at all times.

The worst part of home leave is that I've been working more than I thought I would be. I've logged time every day of vacation so far and was up until 3am last night. Because there is no T-Mobile reception round these parts, I've been tethered to my laptop, which has made what should have been a few minor inconveniences into a series of major disruptions.

This is the first vacation I've taken since starting at the firm, so there were bound to be some hiccups. My big mistake seems to have been agreeing to provide coverage on a specific day in the middle of my vacation. Unfortunately, this opened the door to lots of little questions or mini assignments from day-to-day. A lack of connectivity has slowed my responsiveness and I feel like I've dissapointed co-workers, as well as family in the process of trying to keep up with work and family obligations, not to mention a year's worth of doctors' appointments squeezed into a week and a half.

Right now I feel drained, discouraged and overwhelmed.


Metal said...

Such a lovely photo! You've hardly changed!

Paragon2Pieces said...

You're too kind :)