Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pizza Delivery

I usually don't spot the take out delivery bikes standing still, but this one was parked just outside a swanky apartment complex that I walk by during my daily commute.

Domino's is a favorite of my co-workers, but I've ordered from Pizza Hut twice since I've been in Tokyo.  Two big surprises for Americans when it comes to American-branded pizza in Tokyo:

First, the toppings.  How would you like some mayonnaise and corn on your pie?  You can, or course, order a more traditional pizza, but it's interesting to take a look at the combinations that are popular with the Japanese.

Second, the prices.  A medium pizza at Pizza Hut (which is the size of a small in the United states) costs between ¥1,900 and ¥2,500, which converts to $21.10 and $27.77 at today's rates, before the delivery fee.  I can stretch the medium pizza into two or three meals so I can make peace with the price, but it's still a little shocking!


Loveablestef said...

Paragon, I love reading about your interesting adventures in the land of the rising sun. I saw the blog post above and thought of plus dancing plus Japan ha ha! And dang, pizza is expensive, but I guess just about everything is, especially like fruit! Anyways, hope you don't work too much...I'm doing some serious overtime these days but it pales in comparison to your long hours! Anyways, sad to hear dancing is outlawed over there ( if that story is even true ) but you could use your mad lawyer skillz to combat the injustice lol! Probably not ;) Anyways, take care of you and enjoy that pizza pie...with corn and mayonnaise...:/ blech!

Paragon2Pieces said...

Thanks Stef! The link isn't working but I think I know exactly what you're talking about: fueiho eigyo-to no kisei oyobi gyomu no tekiseika-to ni kansuru horitsu! You have to have a license to allow dancing in your business establishment and to get the license, you have to meet a bunch of requirements that are pretty tough to meet in Tokyo. Here's one of the articles I've read about it:

Seems sad to me! I heard enforcement of the rules has really ramped up recently--a lot of coworkers have complained about it.

These rules don't keep from ballroom dancing though. There are lots of studios here and everyone is crazy for standard!