Thursday, October 11, 2012

One Last Competition

At the last moment, I decided to do a ballroom dancing competition before moving to Japan (you know, because an international move hasn't been keeping my to-do list full enough).  To prepare, I'm taking an extra lesson tonight and my teacher and I had a coaching together over the weekend.  That's it.

(You guys, how do I always end up in last-minute competition entry situations!?!  I want to be prepared, not scrambling at the last second.)

The answer is that when you work at a law firm (or at least when you work in corporate practice), you have to be opportunistic.  You never know when a deal will go pencils down or start up again.  So, if you have spare time, you better use it and, if you don't, you're going to end up canceling on pretty much everyone and every thing when work picks up again.  (As you can imagine, this makes corporate lawyers immensely popular with their friends and family.)

I have the time and what is likely my last opportunity for an entire year to compete, so I'm doing it.  It's a minor competition and I'm the only student from my studio participating, but it should still be fun.  I registered for 10 single dances (Cha cha, rumba, samba, paso doble and jive in both the intermediate and full bronze divisions) and a scholarship round.  Unfortunately, the closed bronze scholarship round was undersubscribed and I've been bumped to open scholarship (to put this in perspective, this is like being a member of the frosh/soph team and only knowing about five moves, but dancing against the stars of the varsity team).  It will be kinda embarrassing, but what can you do?

Tomorrow, I tan.  Saturday, I dance.  And, until the competition is over, I refuse to think about packing up my apartment for the third time in less than three years.


just jenn said...

happy dancing! perhaps not at all analogous, but everyone always seems to tell me, the tortoise, to run my own race - so don't worry about those varsity dancers. :)

Paragon2Pieces said...

yes, sometimes I need a little nudge to remember that I'm just doing this for fun!

Unknown said...

I have also packed three times in less than three years. ugh.

Good for you for singing up! You totally have to take what you can get in this lovely legal world of ours.