Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 7: Getting Situated

One week in and I'm started to feel situated.  I've unpacked the three boxes I sent over (Japanese customs opened and inspected them all).  I've done some grocery shopping.  I've even gone to my first Japanese class.

The boxes.  The firm sent them to the office, not my apartment, because everyone thought they'd get here before I did.  It didn't turn out that way and I ended up with three boxes of clothes---boxes that are too big to carry on the subway--in my office.  I've unpacked them by tucking the contents into the filing cabinets in my office (uh, does that count as unpacking?) and take a few items home in my work bag each day.

The grocery shopping.  Last time around, I subsisted on food that the firm ordered in and convenience store food.  Really a shame since there's lots of good food here.  So today, I found a grocery store and spent a lot of time marveling at all the exotic stuff on the shelves (little to-go boxes with octopus tentacles!) and puzzling over the dairy section (is that yogurt?  milk?  full fat or non fat?).  Next up, eating out more often!

The Japanese class.  Rosetta Stone has been fun, but I haven't gotten to a point where I'm learning practical, day-to-day survival stuff.  So I found a little school on the internet that seemed promising and went in for a trial lesson.  It's a good fit and I plan to head back on Saturdays from now on.

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