Thursday, September 27, 2012

Taking a Haircut

Because of Yom Kippur, there was nothing going on at the office today (until the sun went down).  I took the opportunity to pop across the street for a haircut during my lunch break.

I'm not picky about my hair so I don't have a regular salon or hairdresser, but the girl who was available at noon did a great job.  She took off four or five inches of length and then blew it out.  I did it because I think it will be really difficult for me to get my hair cut in Japan (not being able to speak Japanese and all), but the masses appear to approve--there were lots of compliments today and even some hooting and hollering from the general (albeit probably drunk) public as I walked back to the office.

It made me realize that the last time I wore my hair down on a work day was sometime in May--four months ago!?!

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