35 goals, some big some small, for 2016 (in no particular order):

  1. Do more to communicate to friends and family how much they are valued
  2. Freeze my eggs
  3. Complete my sixth year in big law
  4. Give a work-related presentation
  5. Volunteer at five legal aid clinics
  6. Donate to the law school
  7. Pay off balance of student loans
  8. Refinance the house at a low interest rate (3.875%!!!)
  9. Max out my annual 401(k) contribution
  10. Develop passive income stream
  11. Replenish my emergency savings fund
  12. Visit family in Oregon
  13. Take C on more adventures
  14. See a Broadway show
  15. Fit in at least one good workout a week
  16. Go to some ballet and ballroom dance classes
  17. Stop drinking full-calorie soda
  18. Lose 10 lbs
  19. Grow my first bare root rose
  20. Grow my first cucumber
  21. Grow my first potato
  22. Grow my first jalapeno
  23. Seal the grout in the laundry room and guest bath
  24. Repair ice maker in the refrigerator
  25. Repaint the master bathroom with semi-gloss paint
  26. Repaint the guest bathroom with semi-gloss paint
  27. Repaint the laundry room hallway with semi-gloss paint
  28. Repaint the powder room with semi-gloss paint
  29. Repaint the garage hallway with semi-gloss
  30. Repaint the family room with high-grade eggshell paint
  31. Repaint the living room with high-grade eggshell paint
  32. Repaint the master bedroom with high-grade eggshell paint
  33. Repaint the first guest room with high-grade eggshell paint
  34. Repaint the second guest room with high-grade eggshell paint
  35. Repaint the stairwell with high-grade eggshell paint

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