I turned 33 at the end of 2013. The following is a list of 33 things that I would like to accomplish during the upcoming year (in no particular order).
  1. Ski in Japan
  2. Convert IRA holdings to Admiral Shares
  3. Try tonkatsu
  4. Spend more time outside during the sakura bloom
  5. See my brother get married
  6. Go 100 days without Coca Cola or Pepsi
  7. Visit Hiroshima
  8. Visit Miyajima
  9. Donate to Stanford
  10. Donate to UT
  11. Go to yoga classes in Tokyo
  12. Create a deal list
  13. Visit with friends from college
  14. Visit with L and V
  15. Get contact lenses
  16. Read 12 novels
  17. Save $100k for a down payment on a home
  18. Go to a baseball game in Tokyo
  19. Max out my 401(k) contributions
  20. Move back to the US
  21. Get a Japanese manicure
  22. Get a new job
  23. Start dating again
  25. Cook Thanksgiving dinner for my family
  26. Update my wardrobe
  27. Try Bar Method/Pure Barre
  28. Visit with the other Dollies
  29. Go to Ballet Austin's Nutcracker
  30. Find a new yoga studio
  31. Buy the last few pieces of bakeware I've been wanting
  32. Go horseback riding
  33. Visit Joshua Tree

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