I turned 32 at the end of 2012. The following is a list of 32 short-term goals that I would like to accomplish during the upcoming year. This year will be tougher than most because I'm living in Tokyo.  (I don't speak Japanese, which makes it really tough to try new things while I'm here.)  When I complete a goal, I will link the list item to the related blog post and cross the item off of the following list.
  1. Live abroad
  2. Earn a bonus
  3. Attend WDC Asia Open 2013 in Tokyo
  4. Pay off all 8.5% student loans
  5. See Tokyo's cherry trees in full bloom
  6. Visit South Korea
  7. Karaoke in Tokyo
  8. Visit Malaysia (Borneo)
  9. Achieve a positive net worth
  10. Increase retirement savings to at least $100k
  11. Visit Tokyo Disneyland
  12. Visit Tsukiji fish market
  13. Learn the hiragana alphabet
  14. Attend my cousin's wedding
  15. Take a vacation
  16. Visit Yokohama
  17. Walking Tour of Ginza
  18. Donate to Stanford
  19. Donate to UT w/law firm match
  20. Update resume
  21. Learn the katakana alphabet
  22. Visit Disney Sea
  23. Max out 401(k)
  24. Pay off my car loan
  25. Get off the diligence team
  26. Meet L's new baby
  27. Start gathering experience needed to apply for in house positions
  28. Try a restaurant that has earned a couple Michelin stars
  29. Go to the firm holiday party
  30. Increase down payment savings fund to at least $40k
  31. Make cinnamon rolls from scratch
  32. Make it through the year without quitting

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