36 goals, some big some small, for 2017 (in no particular order):

  1. Pass the CIPP certification test
  2. Read one work-related article each business day
  3. Implement stronger boundaries at work
  4. Be good to the people I care about--show up!
  5. Work at being warmer in my personal relationship
  6. Move in together
  7. Plan a weekend away in the spring/summer
  8. Plan a weekend away in the fall/winter
  9. Read 12 books
  10. Try 12 new main dish recipes
  11. Try 6 new dessert recipes
  12. Learn some Spanish
  13. Laser my age spots
  14. Draw something!
  15. Implement some sort of skincare routine
  16. Add some strength training to exercise routine
  17. Attend 12 yoga classes
  18. Plan a spa day
  19. Replace morning Diet Coke with green tea or water
  20. Take a daily multi-vitamin
  21. Develop personal style
  22. Max out my annual 401(k) contributions
  23. Maintain side hustle
  24. Hit net worth goal
  25. Pay off 0% mattress loan
  26. Pay off final loan
  27. Replace car with something safer
  28. Finish one Christmas stocking
  29. Cull the master closet
  30. Repaint garage
  31. Repaint utility closet
  32. Learn how to take better care of the lawn
  33. Assemble gallery wall for master bedroom
  34. Hang wall mirror
  35. Replace couch
  36. Find console table for entry

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