Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 2: Lunch with Co-workers

An associate from my original summer class in Beach City has been working in Tokyo for about a month. As luck would have it, we are staying in the same apartment building. This meant I had a guide to the office this morning!

The day consisted of typical first day in a new office fare, including a lunch with a couple of co-workers. We went to a chain restaurant called Hibiki, where we took off our shoes before walking to our table.  My instinct was to put on the generic slippers that were set out, but it turns out those are reserved for guests who get up from their meal to use the restroom.  (The waitress put our shoes away in a cupboard and later retrieved them just as we were getting up to leave.)

Here's a photo from the restaurant of the area where we ate (for source, click here):

I drank hot tea (no water at the table), a pumpkin puree appetizer, and had some seasoned salmon with white rice.  There was also a broth and vegetable soup, but I didn't get to that.  Chopsticks only.  The food was good, but ordering would have been tough without my Japanese-speaking co-workers.

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Living vicariously through you for fun adventures!