Sunday, March 23, 2014

Wandering around Roppongi Hills

We're finally seeing signs of spring, so I decided to take a long, aimless walk around the neighborhood today.  Here's the photographic evidence:

Tokyo Tower

We're still waiting for the sakura to really start, but there are some early bloomers.

Maman by Louise Bourgeois creeps me out every time.

Mori Tower

Communal space below Keyakizaka, one of the Roppongi Hills residential towers.

Just down the street from Lauderdale, a western brunch spot.

And spotted in Roppongi (the dodgy part, not the Hills):

The apartment I stayed in during my 2011 assignment.

Technicolor roses -- because we can.

There was enough sunshine to justify sunglasses.  Finally!  I cannot remember the last time I experienced direct sunlight.

March has been a slow month.  I filed my Japanese tax return, which is a bit scary because it involves signing a return written exclusively in Japanese.  I worked, which involved finally signing a deal that's been in the works since before I started the secondment.  I ate out with co-workers, which involved a nice steak at Chaco (where I burnt my hand by absentmindedly touching my piping hot plate), hole in the wall bbq (where I tried beef tongue for the first time), tasty crab at Andy's (under the tracks in Yurakucho, popular with expats and highly recommended for a casual dinner), and oden (where everything was a fish cake in one form or another).  I started using a Japanese skincare regime that all the ladies in the legal division recommended.  As with most things Japanese, it's a bit tedious and has many steps, but good results.  I went out to an expat bar with American friends.  I read The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt.  And I logged a lot of time on the treadmill.

In short, I was a normal human being.  The secondment has a regular rhythm that makes it possible to plan in advance, avoid cancellations and sleep regularly.  It's a wonderful thing.

I still have days when I feel low because I miss family and friends, my pups, my hobbies and my belongings, but I've been doing a better job lately at keeping the blues in check.

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CP said...

Yay, glad you are being adventurous and so glad things are better. Thanks for the photos- I love sakura!