Friday, March 21, 2014


I first learned about tonkatsu (pork that is breaded and fried) from my Japanese tutor. She was surprised that I hadn't tried it yet (this was a year ago) and I didn't get around to it until just last week. (Last week's culinary adventures included tasting oden and beef's tongue for the very first time.)

It's good. We went to Wako Tonkatsu, a chain, during lunch and it was easy to get in and out and back in front of our computers within our strictly timed lunch break.  I had the Wako Gohan, which is a lunch set that costs less that $10USD and comes with a pork loin cutlet, rice, unlimited cabbage, and a miso soup with little clams.  They provide a spicy mustard that I loved, even though it brought tears to my eyes!

I didn't take any pictures, but check out their website if you want a closer look.

PS - This is one of the best English websites I've seen for a Japanese restaurant!

PPS - Just realized they have a location across the courtyard from my apartment building.  Looks like there will be more tonkatsu in my future.

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