Saturday, March 1, 2014

50 Days w/o Coca Cola

I have had a bad soda habit for a long time.

I love the full calorie stuff and got in the habit of drinking a lot of it (3 cans on a typical day).  It's an easy habit to continue when you don't drink coffee and work long hours in an office that offers a free soda machine.  I've been worried about the impact on my health so, when the new year rolled around, I decided it was time to try to go 100 days without a full-calorie Coke.

100 days.  It didn't sound as intimidating as quitting cold turkey, but I hoped it would be long enough to lose the habit.

Here's how I'm feeling now that I'm half way there:
  • sleeping better at night
  • improved energy level
  • lost three pounds
  • but still find myself wanting a Coke when I'm stressed
I'm relying on water as a substitute because I am hoping to use this change to lose some weight.  I haven't seen a Diet Coke since I arrived in Tokyo, but Coke Zero is readily available and I pick one up when I find myself having a really strong Coke craving.  Diet soda doesn't taste good to me so I haven't swapped one habit for another.

All in all, it's been a change for the better.  Happy I've managed to stick to it and looking forward to hitting the 100 day mark.

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CM said...

That's a hard habit to break! I'm impressed. It'll be interesting to see how you feel if you decide to allow yourself an occasional Coke after the 100 days -- I wonder if you'll find that it's not as appealing to you anymore.