Sunday, January 19, 2014


Here's what's new around my neck of the woods:
  • Got completely caught up on secondment work.  Not a single email in my inbox when I left the office Friday!
  • Nearly finished drafting a manufacturing and supply agreement for a pro bono client.
  • Refinanced my student loans with SOFI (affiliate link).  This included the discovery that my credit score is now in the 800s--quantitative proof of being on the right track is so rare in adult life that I was happy to hear this news.  Reducing my interest rate from 6% to 2% was a pretty big thrill too.  (There were no fees, just in case you were wondering.) 
  • Lost a few pounds.  In the 100 days leading up to bridesmaid duties, I'm ditching my (three-a-day!) Coca Cola habit and logging an hour of cardio three days a week plus light resistance training on alternating days.  So far this has been successful in elevating my mood and helping me lose some weight.  I've been needing to make this change for a while and committing to a nice, round 100 days wasn't too intimidating.  I hoping soda won't tempt me anymore by the time I reach the 100th day.
  • Called a good friend I hadn't spoken to in months.
  • Ben and I are back on track.  We're saying "I love you" again and planning to see each other when I'm home in April.
I'm doing okay.

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