Sunday, December 22, 2013

33rd Birthday

I turned 33 over the weekend. After a bonenkai held my new workplace, I met up with some friends from the firm for drinks at a couple of different bars.  The rest of the weekend was quiet.  I read a book, went to the grocery store, and stayed up late to call my family in the States who casually mentioned that some reproductive endocrinologists family friends of ours have started to suggest that I pick a donor and freeze some embryos.

Good times.


Cecilia said...

Ugh. I'm sorry your family is hurtful. Fwiw, I'm your same age and have kids, and though I love them dearly, definitely think waiting would have its benefits. You are beautiful, smart, capable and healthy, many blessings. Happy birthday!

Paragon2Pieces said...

Thanks, Cecilia. They mean well. My Dad's career has been spent taking care of extremely complicated pregnancies, many of which are related to advanced maternal age. We have been discussing these topics at the dinner table for as long as I can remember and it's something I'm very tuned into having donated my eggs to a woman who waited too long to try to conceive. So, rationally, I understand it wasn't mean to be hurtful in any way. It's just the first time they have recommended I take specific action, so that makes me feel more concerned than I already am.

CP said...

Happy Birthday! So sorry you had to deal with unpleasant comments. At least you can understand that they meant well. Don't stress about a family. Things will happen in their own time and there are always plenty of options nowadays!

Meredith said...

My family threatened to order the Crazy Cat Lady starter kit for Christmas if I don't at least bring a guy home. (I'm not even 40yet!)So I sympathize. Happy Birthday! I think what you're doing with your life is amazing as are you.

TP said...

I understand the frustration that can accompany events marking the passage of time when you're not entirely where you want to be.

It's hard to say something that doesn't come across as empty platitude or cliche (e.g., "you're not over the hill yet, whippersnapper; I *started* LS when I was older than you are now").

But there's a grain of truth there--you still have opportunities to surprise yourself. Enjoy the moment you're in; it's the only thing that's ever firmly in our grasp. Not to say that we should ignore future or past, but to cling to these at the expense of being here now seems a loss.

Fond birthday wishes.