Friday, September 20, 2013

Sin Den

Last weekend, after surviving the worst of Tokyo's muggy summer, I finally got a haircut.  I went to Sin Den in Shibuya on the recommendation of a coworker.

The salon was tough to find (take that with a grain of salt as I don't have access to GPS at the moment).  It's tucked back into a residential neighborhood, which is what made me feel I must be lost even when I was on the right path.  They speak English well and it's clear that they have a lot of experience with caucasian hair--the salon was full of expat clientele while I was there.  Pricing is consistent with what I would expect in LA.

I had about ten inches in length shorn off, making my hair is the shortest it has been since my senior year of high school!  I wish I had done this at the beginning of summer, not the end, but I'm glad to have found a place worth recommending.

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Unknown said...

I'm getting my hair cut for the first time in four months on Tuesday. It's quite the luxury, isn't it??