Monday, September 10, 2012


Late last week, I was asked to provide the documents necessary to apply for a Certificate of Eligibility--the first step towards obtaining a Japanese work visa.  Nothing is set in stone, but I am preparing for an extended absence from the U.S.  This means that I've set up appointments with my doctors, cancelled subscriptions, applied for a credit card with no foreign transaction fees, dusted off my Rosetta Stone CDs, and started mentally preparing for leaving my dogs in my family's safekeeping for a year (this last one has resulted in tears and nightmares).

On a happier note, I now have an excuse to burn through my pre-paid pilates and dance lessons.  I started my weekend with a pilates session.  Next, I had an hour-long latin lesson where we worked on an open cha cha routine ("open" means choreography that includes steps that are not included in the DVIDA syllabus).  Then, I had a two-hour lesson with a different teacher where I was taught American Smooth basics ("American Smooth" includes the following dances: waltz, tango, foxtrot, and viennese waltz).  Finally, I went home for some quality time with the dogs and tried a new-to-me recipe for pecan tarts.  And that was just Saturday!

Pecan Tarts from America's Test Kitchen's Cooking for Two 2010 Edition

I have a long to-do list that includes terminating my lease, possibly selling my car, and moving my belongings into storage.  If you can think of other housekeeping items I should tackle before leaving to live abroad, please chime in!  Like I said, nothing is set in stone, but I've learned to be prepared once the firm begins discussing these sorts of changes.


TP said...

Well, that puts a different spin on things. Hopefully this stint won't terminate as abruptly and dramatically as the last one.

CP said...

Wow, Japan? How awesome! Good luck with all the prep.