Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Extending my Stay

My secondment has been extended through the end of August, which means I will spend 1/4 of my second year at the firm outside the firm.  Seems strange, professionally.  Been difficult, personally.  But the folks I'm working with are friendly and that goes a long way towards making the days pass.

I am also temporarily extending my lease downtown.  Haven't found a new place yet and can't manage a move during the secondment.  Thanks to those of you who provided encouragement--I'm hoping I'll move in the fall.

And this is the way it goes as an associate isn't it?  I've buckled down and gone into the same sort of survival mode that comes in handy when we've got a big deal running.  I subsist on whatever food they bring in at work.  I let laundry pile up and allow calls to go unreturned.  On weekdays there's only time for work and the commute (and a wee bit of blogging, apparently).  On weekends I play catch up.  I'll make it through.  I wish this job wouldn't snatch entire seasons, but I'll stay a little longer (and be grateful to be able to pay down my loans and save for a rainy day).

I'll stay, but I don't want to get stuck.


Metal said...

So glad to hear that men are not the only species who let the laundry pile up!

Paragon2Pieces said...

Having had both female and male roommates over the years, I assure you that women are often the messier of the two!