Thursday, December 10, 2009

Checking In

I am *not* writing this post from snowy slopes in Vail, but I wish I were! Unlike my McCombs peers, I am still in the throes of finals at the Law School. I have finished four courses and have two left to wrap up.

Here is what I've finished:
  • Leading People & Organizations (MBA)
  • Business, Government & Public Policy (MBA)
  • Venture Capital (Law)
  • Corporations (Law)
I've posted my "Final Thoughts" on LP&O, but need to put my other end-of-semester reviews on hold until I've completely finished my exams. I haven't received any grades yet, but--for those of you following the status of my job offer--I am feeling fairly certain that I won't make the GPA cut.

Here is what is ahead of me:
  • Corporate Tax (Law)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (Law)
Both of my remaining exams are floating exams and word is that M&A, in particular, will be a horrific 24 hour experience (the professor stated, outright, that we will need to stay awake and focused on his exam for the entire 24 hour period in order to put in an adequate performance).

I've been holding up well until last night, which I spent worshiping the porcelain goddess. Food poisoning, I think. But it has been suggested that it might be stress induced. Fingers crossed I make it out of this without an ulcer.

In related news, I have started to formulate a Plan B that makes me feel a lot more excited about my future. More on that later.


Metal said...

My body reacted severely to shrimps last week and I was critical. Avoid eating out especially during finals. Good luck on your remaining exams! I am sure you will do great!!

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