Monday, December 8, 2008

Marketing Management - Final Exam

The 1st year students took their marketing midterm between 5-8pm tonight. We were given a case and five questions to answer. Like the midterm, the case for the final was all aboot the Canadian market. (I wonder if the intention behind using Canadian cases is to somehow level the playing field--but, seriously, who reads HBS business cases in their spare time? Or maybe it's to do with our Canadian dean?)

Managing time was a central challenge of both the marketing midterm and final. On the midterm, I lost control of my inner law student and unleashed a lovely thesis. Problem was, time was called just as I started working on my exhibits in Excel. The curve was kind, thank goodness. This time around, I imposed a little discipline. Just like the TA suggested, I read the footnotes first, went through the case twice and started the write-up in Excel with the quantitative analysis. There's a real possibility that my final grade won't be much better than my midterm grade, but what is important is that I'm finally feeling comfortable enough to produce qualitative and quantitative analysis under timed conditions.

I gather that the marketing curriculum at McCombs has an excellent reputation, but I have no intentions to take another marketing class. Marketing, fair thee well.

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